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21 May 2011

Rain...Rain..Please Come Again.. !!!

Couples who get wedded on a rainy day are likely to have the benefit of a more fertile married life which means having more children, simply because of the fact that rain is symbolical of harvest and life. They say that the wetter a bride, the luckier she gets in her marriage. However, not many brides would like to get wet on their most precious day no matter what amount of luck this setting otherwise carries and brings to them.

For many the rain sound is the most beautiful sound available. But it’s also true that the human race involved with professionalism and job every other day has lost the innocence of desiring this sound. Millions of sponsors want to invest their money in rain concerts that they regard as far refreshing and full of life capable enough to position the audience in an energetic mode within just a few moments. It goes without saying that rain gets you crazy and it also reminds you of someone or some good times you had spent with someone special at some point of your life. Rain means a memoir and memoir means emotions that move you and that are hard to stop in rain.

Pictures of rain are searched all over the internet. This is so factual and authentic when someone says that a rainy day compels you to be more candid towards your photography skills. When you are looking for minute details in a photograph, you prefer looking beyond nothing but eagerly wait for a refreshing rainy day. There are some for who a rainy day means staying indoors and waiting for the sun to shine on faces all again.

They say that walking in the rain helps you conceal your tears that can’t stop flowing but you can’t prevent hiding them too. But very few have an idea about the health benefits that walking in rain can surprisingly and ultimately bestow on you.
If you have the yearning to enjoy in the rain that never gets on your nerves, come what may the situation be, you are not far away from a day when on seeing rain, you can scream and say, “It rained in my neighborhood yesterday and I am waiting for yet another one”.

16 May 2011

Why Blog?

Blogging these days has become one of the preferred and trusted hobbies of many who now appreciate there is nothing like blogging. There is a blog bandwagon that has not only surfaced the personal life but professional minds too. Blogs are a platform that the proficient minds are relying on when it comes to promoting their company in the first place. But for the time being, the question is that why should anyone blog at all? The reason that millions are blogging today is not a reason enough for someone to blog. But if not, then what? Read on to find out an answer if you ever had this question in mind.

Majority of blogs are posted based on a “type” dedicated for it. This way blogs are a magnificent way to disclose your know-how in a field. To talk on a more personal basis, a blog has everything that can help you brush up your writing skills as a writer or even if you are not a writer. Very few people know that ideally, a language style of a blog enjoys the liberty of being causal, connecting, and little personal. If you feel you have that personal touch in the kind of language you use, then why not start a blog today?
Many bloggers feel that small posts gather more readability which, if true, makes your work far easier as a fresh blogger. Write less and place an idea that not many have come across from a long time now. If the “keep it short” concept works in your favor, then it’s easy to become a “regular blogger”. Post short and make it look significant. However, not many like me firmly believe on this. But you can have the courage to have your opinion.
You might choose to discard all these concepts and so called rules if you are a personality whose blog is successful in creating roar even before it starts. According to a survey, around 80% of the blogs are abandoned in its ripe stage, more clearly after just a single post. So, if you are not “planning before blogging”, one of them can be you.

It’s true that more than 85% of the blogs are being created by bloggers under the age of 35. More and more teenagers are taking up to writing in their leisure time. United States seems to be ahead in the trend where most of the teenagers are dynamic bloggers. On the contrary, teens in UK have been found posting not more than even 5% of the blogs on a regular basis.
If the blogging zeal takes on you and fascinates you every second day, you can choose to be an active blogger of multiple blogs at a time and choose to be called a “regular blogger” in true sense. Advancing your freelancing career by hosting a blog is never a bad idea for a future writer who is also an opportunist. Although, you may not be posting anything and everything under the sky. Who knows all of this and more of it can help you earn some valuable assignments in future?

Make it visible with search engine technique for better results but if you are writing it for yourself and just a few others like me then you might choose the other way out. However, this should not stop you from suggesting what you have been into, from a long time.
So, if you have been thinking that blogging is just writing I assume some ideas can go clearer than your preceding concepts on blogging.

14 February 2011

Your moments now closer with Perfect Wedding photography

Photography – the word seems too big and trust me its bigger when you start seeing it in the sense of its implementations. The entire world is a painting but it’s you who sees the colors in it. White may be colorless for you but for some it’s still a color. It’s in the eyes that see and senses that perceive. Nature is full of substances and glimpses that can be a part of your photography. If you are looking for a perfect wedding photography, even nature seems to be complementing. Of course learning and knowing your equipment is the first thing in wedding photography but having a vision is the next big thing and that’s mandatory for a wedding photographer.

Whether you are shooting for a wedding or simply covering the ambiance and vibrancy of nature on that particular day, make your camera your companion. They say that your friends are your introduction to the outer world. In the similar way the photographs that you produce with the help of your camera are an introduction of your perception to the world that sees and notices it. Of course, the perception and angle in wedding photography can vary but if the soul is missing, nearly everything is missing.

Your wedding photography can narrate interesting stories; stories that everyone would like to know and read about and why not? People like to explore things that have not yet been told. Wedding is a busy time for everyone to notice everything. Your camera can be the witness in the time to come. It’s like hearing the untold. The benefits, of course are a lot of assumptions and hidden perceptions that are good enough to keep you engaged and hooked.

Some say that wedding is a time when you should take important things into consideration and leave out things that are not very important when you are capturing some beautiful moments. But there are some photographers who don't think about all these, they simply follow their heart when it comes to wedding photography. Interesting ... isn't it? If your heart feels this is one moment you would like to keep fresh in your mind then better go for it.

28 October 2010

First love

Nothing like first love. Your first love are your first feelings that you enjoy for the first time in your life. The first love is often your way of celebrating your independent feelings. For me, first love is certainly the purest because there are no expert feelings attached with it. In fact I also believe that the better you grow, the better you become matured too. A matured man may be more knowledgeable but he certainly has reached that phase after compromises. First love is free from all compromises, at least till you have seen the result of it.

Its a kind of a strong desire wrapped in your feelings that make your first love special. The most honest yet the most confused feelings. But this confusion is beautiful. It becomes memorable even when it results into hesitation. I feel that just like a strong foundation is the base for a tall building in the similar way, your first love is the base of all your feelings that you witness in life to come.
Your first love is also a great teacher. Whether the experiences are bad or good is secondary, but they are there is the primary thing. Just like your first love, even the good or the bad lessons you get out of your first love gives your experience a foundation in the long run. May be, these are the reasons why people don't easily forget their first love because its not just love but an amalgamation of feelings and experience. Its innocent, its wild, its desirous, and its a child but its a memory that is with you even when you are with your first love. You are fortunate if your first love is your last love. You are certainly living with the most purest of all the feelings you could ever have. If not, it becomes a part of your life by becoming a part of you.

Words from your mind … feelings of your heart

Many of us like reading poems but unfortunately not many like writing one. If you are thinking that I have been paid to provoke you and produce more poets for the world, then that’s certainly a wild guess. How about sitting with a notepad in a wonderful season may be something like a rainy season? Considering that the things have gone technical, replace the notepads with your laptop.

Just write whatever you feel like. Don’t bother about the rhythm in the very first poem of your life. If you can just be successful in writing your heart out then you have certainly come a long way. Read what you have written in a time which you just want to spend with self. The very first effort that you have been trying to make from a long time is right there before of your eyes. You are certainly going to praise it. It’s true that no matter how small the efforts of your child are, your child is still the best one for you. The same goes with your poem that you have produced for the first time in your life. It’s certainly nothing less than your first child.

Read your poem more than once till you have completely fallen in love with it. You will then love to make several such efforts. You like praising yourself for your first efforts. Don’t you? So, give yourself the second chance and then get used to the rhythm and style that your favorite poets acquire ( I am taking the fact for granted that you would start reading enough poems as latest hobby and have hooked to a favorite). So, it’s never tough till you begin it!

05 August 2010

Writing: A career towards excellence

It feels wonderful to be a part of an industry that you have always wanted to be in. Writing has been my passion since a long time now. I am happy that I began my career in this field. I shall travel all the way and I now wish to achieve the heights of my career in writing. I have come across many who say that writing is actually a monotonous career and the growth is slow. But I have believed that there is always a growth for you in a career that you have selected by your own and not forcibly. For all those who feel that this is a monotonous world well, actually it is not! This is one of those careers where every day is a challenge, and every learning is an experience. There are many chapters that remain for you to explore. When you are doing a work that you have always liked doing, work becomes fun for you. When your professional work is equal to your hobby; you can any day expect a masterpiece.

Writing is something that requires the art of convincing people. Writing doesn’t work on the philosophy"if you can’t convince them, confuse them”. In such case, “they” (your readers) shall never ever come back to get convinced. Writing in simple words is creativity, adventure, fun, and even an intelligent word game for many. After attending some training sessions on writing, I came across some really good and new ideas by the trainer. According to him, playing with jumble words can actually give you many ideas on framing of word while writing. This ensures that there is no repetition of words when you are writing. More ideas put by the writer in the write-up encourage a good readability.

It often happens that when a writer is writing on abstract topics, the ideas get blocked after sometime. The best way to come out of this situation has been a question mark for many. Different people deal with such situations in a different way. I feel that your writing is your communication that you establish with your readers. When you have stopped and are thinking what to write, make it a communication happen. It is true that in a communication ideas don’t easily stop, especially when you have so much time to think over it.

Many feel that taking up writing as a career blocks the required liberty that they enjoy in writing outside their work. To some extent it does but to a larger extent it doesn’t. Writing as a career also enables research. When you wish to communicate with people to the best of your knowledge, you don’t mind having some from an external source. The external source informs and inspires you and you inform or inspire others. The same goes with writing. Also, instructions frame a path for the flow of your writing. To be able to write well in spite of minimal instructions is also a challenge that a writer has to take up at some point of time in his/her career.

There is a writer hidden in each one of us! There are feelings deep embedded in our hearts. If such feelings come out in form of words then they can not only make pleasurable reading but also inspire others to write. So, the next time when you say writing is a monotonous career, think more than once!

- Shruti !

05 February 2009


Ours is still an imperfect world”. It is imperfect in many ways, few we know and we don’t wish to know & few we are still on our way to discovering. An article of 500 words cannot find a solution to the phrase. But there can still be a few, worth mentioning. We are highly superstitious and when I say this I am not really talking about those usual superstitions only, the ones that we had been hearing for quite a few ages now like, a black cat crossing the street before you, thereby making things for you almost equal to a Governments’ law(in mind) to stop then and there. This might be funny but it closely needs a revamp. Everything in this world is changing so is the case with a superstition of its kind. This time its marketing and the word can better be coined into disbelief and ignorance (and this time the ‘kind’ does not alter). "Promises are meant to be broken” seems to be a favorite with the marketers from quite a long time now.
I knew a mother who made it a point to provide each “essential” dosage of a syrup to her son because the syrup promised to “increase your will power, boost up and bolster your confidence (if by chance it has gone low) and provide all the necessary ingredients” for you to fetch marks in the examination. Though I don’t see a harm in trying something new which can make your study appear more palatable or pleasant than ever before with even more grasping power(even in case of lessons that you might not need for your examination this time). Its magical and its authentic… ONLY IF IT WORKS, meaning only if it produces the most awaited & the most ‘desired result’. Moving from studies to eating, me and my brother are fond of this scrumptious thing called MAGGI. The packet’s copy-writing promises you only 2 minutes but when did you actually take less than 4 minutes to get out of the kitchen with the fully prepared pastime dish in your eating bowl at your service???? well, I don’t intend to make such assumptions to try and bring down their market. At times I am fascinated by an offer for a product at my service but then I am bogged down with the “conditions apply”(that I cannot follow or I may not be interested in) that make it a Herculean task thereafter because I had already anticipated myself as the most coveted owner of that product. It is equal to lighting a bonfire for a man who is feeling cold and then extinguishing the fire by emptying a water bottle at it, after realizing that he was thirsty too..! But in few cases the customers/consumers or rather the ‘viewers’ get much more than what they might have asked for. For example- the recapitulation of the untoward episodes of the branded reality shows 24*7 at your service when you actually wish to see ‘something else’. You then feel like boycotting the television for the time being and retire to your bed to take a deep nap in a hope that it would mitigate the after effect of the torture on you. But the effect is not ethereal enough to wither away that easily..