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28 October 2010

Words from your mind … feelings of your heart

Many of us like reading poems but unfortunately not many like writing one. If you are thinking that I have been paid to provoke you and produce more poets for the world, then that’s certainly a wild guess. How about sitting with a notepad in a wonderful season may be something like a rainy season? Considering that the things have gone technical, replace the notepads with your laptop.

Just write whatever you feel like. Don’t bother about the rhythm in the very first poem of your life. If you can just be successful in writing your heart out then you have certainly come a long way. Read what you have written in a time which you just want to spend with self. The very first effort that you have been trying to make from a long time is right there before of your eyes. You are certainly going to praise it. It’s true that no matter how small the efforts of your child are, your child is still the best one for you. The same goes with your poem that you have produced for the first time in your life. It’s certainly nothing less than your first child.

Read your poem more than once till you have completely fallen in love with it. You will then love to make several such efforts. You like praising yourself for your first efforts. Don’t you? So, give yourself the second chance and then get used to the rhythm and style that your favorite poets acquire ( I am taking the fact for granted that you would start reading enough poems as latest hobby and have hooked to a favorite). So, it’s never tough till you begin it!

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