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28 October 2010

First love

Nothing like first love. Your first love are your first feelings that you enjoy for the first time in your life. The first love is often your way of celebrating your independent feelings. For me, first love is certainly the purest because there are no expert feelings attached with it. In fact I also believe that the better you grow, the better you become matured too. A matured man may be more knowledgeable but he certainly has reached that phase after compromises. First love is free from all compromises, at least till you have seen the result of it.

Its a kind of a strong desire wrapped in your feelings that make your first love special. The most honest yet the most confused feelings. But this confusion is beautiful. It becomes memorable even when it results into hesitation. I feel that just like a strong foundation is the base for a tall building in the similar way, your first love is the base of all your feelings that you witness in life to come.
Your first love is also a great teacher. Whether the experiences are bad or good is secondary, but they are there is the primary thing. Just like your first love, even the good or the bad lessons you get out of your first love gives your experience a foundation in the long run. May be, these are the reasons why people don't easily forget their first love because its not just love but an amalgamation of feelings and experience. Its innocent, its wild, its desirous, and its a child but its a memory that is with you even when you are with your first love. You are fortunate if your first love is your last love. You are certainly living with the most purest of all the feelings you could ever have. If not, it becomes a part of your life by becoming a part of you.

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Sonal said...

So I guess you are still in content management, ryt?

Btw, my comments regarding the topic: First love also makes u feel completely alive.