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16 May 2011

Why Blog?

Blogging these days has become one of the preferred and trusted hobbies of many who now appreciate there is nothing like blogging. There is a blog bandwagon that has not only surfaced the personal life but professional minds too. Blogs are a platform that the proficient minds are relying on when it comes to promoting their company in the first place. But for the time being, the question is that why should anyone blog at all? The reason that millions are blogging today is not a reason enough for someone to blog. But if not, then what? Read on to find out an answer if you ever had this question in mind.

Majority of blogs are posted based on a “type” dedicated for it. This way blogs are a magnificent way to disclose your know-how in a field. To talk on a more personal basis, a blog has everything that can help you brush up your writing skills as a writer or even if you are not a writer. Very few people know that ideally, a language style of a blog enjoys the liberty of being causal, connecting, and little personal. If you feel you have that personal touch in the kind of language you use, then why not start a blog today?
Many bloggers feel that small posts gather more readability which, if true, makes your work far easier as a fresh blogger. Write less and place an idea that not many have come across from a long time now. If the “keep it short” concept works in your favor, then it’s easy to become a “regular blogger”. Post short and make it look significant. However, not many like me firmly believe on this. But you can have the courage to have your opinion.
You might choose to discard all these concepts and so called rules if you are a personality whose blog is successful in creating roar even before it starts. According to a survey, around 80% of the blogs are abandoned in its ripe stage, more clearly after just a single post. So, if you are not “planning before blogging”, one of them can be you.

It’s true that more than 85% of the blogs are being created by bloggers under the age of 35. More and more teenagers are taking up to writing in their leisure time. United States seems to be ahead in the trend where most of the teenagers are dynamic bloggers. On the contrary, teens in UK have been found posting not more than even 5% of the blogs on a regular basis.
If the blogging zeal takes on you and fascinates you every second day, you can choose to be an active blogger of multiple blogs at a time and choose to be called a “regular blogger” in true sense. Advancing your freelancing career by hosting a blog is never a bad idea for a future writer who is also an opportunist. Although, you may not be posting anything and everything under the sky. Who knows all of this and more of it can help you earn some valuable assignments in future?

Make it visible with search engine technique for better results but if you are writing it for yourself and just a few others like me then you might choose the other way out. However, this should not stop you from suggesting what you have been into, from a long time.
So, if you have been thinking that blogging is just writing I assume some ideas can go clearer than your preceding concepts on blogging.

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