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21 May 2011

Rain...Rain..Please Come Again.. !!!

Couples who get wedded on a rainy day are likely to have the benefit of a more fertile married life which means having more children, simply because of the fact that rain is symbolical of harvest and life. They say that the wetter a bride, the luckier she gets in her marriage. However, not many brides would like to get wet on their most precious day no matter what amount of luck this setting otherwise carries and brings to them.

For many the rain sound is the most beautiful sound available. But it’s also true that the human race involved with professionalism and job every other day has lost the innocence of desiring this sound. Millions of sponsors want to invest their money in rain concerts that they regard as far refreshing and full of life capable enough to position the audience in an energetic mode within just a few moments. It goes without saying that rain gets you crazy and it also reminds you of someone or some good times you had spent with someone special at some point of your life. Rain means a memoir and memoir means emotions that move you and that are hard to stop in rain.

Pictures of rain are searched all over the internet. This is so factual and authentic when someone says that a rainy day compels you to be more candid towards your photography skills. When you are looking for minute details in a photograph, you prefer looking beyond nothing but eagerly wait for a refreshing rainy day. There are some for who a rainy day means staying indoors and waiting for the sun to shine on faces all again.

They say that walking in the rain helps you conceal your tears that can’t stop flowing but you can’t prevent hiding them too. But very few have an idea about the health benefits that walking in rain can surprisingly and ultimately bestow on you.
If you have the yearning to enjoy in the rain that never gets on your nerves, come what may the situation be, you are not far away from a day when on seeing rain, you can scream and say, “It rained in my neighborhood yesterday and I am waiting for yet another one”.


Anonymous said...

Walking in the rain helps conceal your tears... Wow! That is such a rich insight!

BorinGuy said...

a justified tribute to rain....after a loooong time !!